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WHITEHATSEO is a top-notch digital marketing company that helps many firms with their different social media marketing goals by using result-driven techniques for websites and their product-based services.

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Our SEO Process

Our five-step process to SEO ensures that your business gets the most out of our services. Although, when it comes to SEO, every business has its own unique set of challenges, our decade-long experience has indicated that the five-step process will result in long-term success thanks to the continuous stream of high converting organic traffic.

Custom Strategy Building

Together with you, we develop the most appropriate digital marketing strategy per your current standing in the market & competition's fierceness which helps acquire greater prestige, relevance, and visibility on the network.

  • Project brief: Define client information & business goals
  • Keyword research: Define potential target keywords.
  • SEO audit:Create a current baseline for SEO
  • Competitive analysis: Define SEO competitors
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Diverse Idea Generation

With a deep understanding of business requirements and expectations, we collaborate seamlessly across our teams to craft ideas and digital experiences that people love. A comprehensive SEO strategy prepares your business for long-term success!

  • Understanding idea:Understand your idea & business needs
  • Idea analysis: Analyzing your idea & processes
  • Idea audit: Audit as per your business domain
  • Diverse suggestions: Offer diverse suggestions and implementation
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Setting up quarterly targets

To make your site appear in the first place, we set up SMART quarterly targets for our highly qualified SEO team and keep a keen eye on the performance metrics.

  • Creating quarterly goals: It starts with goals and decision making
  • Think Quarterly: Thinking for quarterly goals
  • Set Benchmarks: Regular meetings with clients
  • Room for Flexibility: Creating strategies to leave room for change
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Weekly calls & Monthly Meetings

OOur relationship with clients doesn't end with a transaction, we provide detailed and constant reports on the evolution of the performance of the SEO campaign.. We keep our clients involved with us through weekly and monthly reporting so that they can see how their website climbs positions in real time, simply and transparently.

  • Advanced preparation: Preparing everything before the call
  • Reliable format: We follow a reliable format for participants
  • Role responsibilities:Deciding the participant's role
  • Make a commitment: Creating challenges and commitment
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Regular roadmap analysis

We develop a perfect roadmap for your business. Our highly-qualified SEO experts regularly evaluate your goals as per the results and make necessary changes in the SEO strategy to achieve higher visibility in search engines and maintain performance.

  • Establish goals: Determining roadmap goals and team
  • Gather inputs: Collecting issues from existing research
  • Visualize and share: Result visualization and setting a timeline
  • Regular update: Revisit for updates and make adjustments
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