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Smartahus is an E-Commerce Sweden based website. They provide Electrical products. Smartahus can be getting online and offline order in the whole sweden. Smartahus is one of the top rated place listed as Company in Luleå(Sweden).

C hallenge We have faced many challenges, No keywords ranking high competition with competitors and no link building etc. When we were starting SEO on this project we faced language issues. Because the website is Sweden based and the client wants all keywords, description, ranking and traffic in Swedish language. Then we studied about Sweden market parameters and created a unique SEO strategy for this project. Our main goal is to find keywords in Swedish language and rank in Sweden.


We implemented several effective solutions. After getting the solution we studied about the Sweden market and its parameters that what products and what type of products customers need in their daily life.we analyzed the market. We have done keyword research and we found some keywords in both English or Swedish language. We technically optimised the structure, speed, and mobile responsiveness of our website to make sure search engine crawlers could index our pages rapidly.
R esults Our quantifiable outcomes, like improved brand visibility, higher ranks online, and more organic traffic, show how effective our SEO tactics were and reaffirm our dedication to fostering long-term growth for our new website. We created a Seo Strategy. We have worked in both languages English and Swidish. We worked on high DA-PA Links like profile creation ,Web 2.O ,business listing etc. We have done local SEO and we got the result. After that the organic traffic of smartahus increasing day by day. Whitehatseo gives reliable and beneficial SEO services and strategies to every client because we build trust in this industry.